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1,2,3,4 I declare a drabble war! 5,6,7,8 Try to use your crack as bait!

When Jessie first made MM_SS she said we could use it for drabble wars.... only we never had. What's up with that? So as a warm-up to the Secret Santa assignments (NO PRESSURE MODS *flails*) I open this here Chaos Thread!

For those wondering what a chaos thread is: You start off with a prompt and characters. Someone fills it with a 3 sentence+ drabble (go as long as you want but over a page and it's turning into a fic not a drabble) and then they add their own prompt which someone else can then fill. The chaos part comes in in that more than one person can fill a prompt with their own take on it and still add their own prompts to be filled which can get crazy and create prompts&threads in all sorts of directions.

Art & doodles are acceptable, as are stick figures if they're lol-worthy and prompt filling.

As it's MM, try to stick to MM characters. You can always prompt something completely different but don't be surprised if no one knows how to fill it.

All opening threads should start with your own prompt! Ready set go!
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