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Alfred F. Jones ~ America

Granger, nobody studies at hogwarts but YOU.

BUT! Since none of you are Chuck Norris (unless you are holding out on me), I will interrupt your daily routine to update you on the


Basically, it's going to be happening this monday and tuesday, just so we are aware on dates. We are NOT going to be having some major log for this, though if there is something you feel like writing out, please, go ahead - I'd love to read it. So basically, your character will be arriving sometime late today - early tomorrow, and leaving late tuesday, unless they wanna stick around (america's ship is big and mostly empty except for like, 3 people, so he wouldn't hate more company ;-;).

The topics of discussion in this world meeting will include robots, uniforms and and a vampire apocalypse - Surprisingly enough, one of these topics is actually serious. ALL OF THE COUNTRIES ARE INVITED, and they should show up because it will be fun and it's assumable they showed up, unless you explicitly say otherwise (you know, HERE would be a good spot to do that). Everybody who is not a country but will be involved (for example, Mashiro will be America's secretary and do all the work he doesn't want to do), feel free to comment here just so we kinda know you guys will be around.

I THINK THAT'S EVERYTHING let me know if i'm missing anything in particular.

EDIT: RIGHT, IF THERE IS ANY EVENT YOU WANT HAPPENING IN THIS CONFERENCE THAT YOU THINK EVERYBODY SHOULD BE MADE AWARE OF, SAY IT HERE. Ie, if France is going to impulsively get naked halfway through, you guys should say it here. That being said, France being naked should be implied so lol.

EDIT JR: I should note - BEING DRUNK IS NOT A REQUIREMENT, what I mean is that if you are all "eh i don't feel like playing drunk", please go ahead and have your dude or dudette abstain and do something else. BUT YOU GUYS WILL BE EXCEPTIONS, NOT RULES, GOT IT. Also although alcohol won't be made available for children, though if someone sneaks it in more power to you.
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